However, if you want to teach private classes (where there’s more money) you will need to gauge your target class, which age group you are comfortable with and the sizes of … Some schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but 1st-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai require at least 120-hours of TEFL training. This is the most common job people think of when they picture teaching abroad in China. No matter which option you choose, 120 hours of study is the minimum requirement for teaching in China with us. Even if your salary were at the lower end of the scale, you'd still be earning more than the average local salary in most Chinese cities. Kindergarten and preschool In early August candidates attend a compulsory two-week training course upon arrival in China where they will take additional TEFL classes and participate in teaching practice summer schools. Any special toiletries or medications you may need. London, England, United Kingdom About Blog Award-winning provider of English teaching placements and homestays across China, offering placements in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and more. While most students are well behaved, you may need to pay special attention to a few students. Two years of post graduate work experience. In fact, they all learn it from a very young age. You should also be offered an observational period of a few days/weeks at the beginning of your placement in China. You’ll get to experience different cultures and people, visit stunning attractions and eat delicious food. - Shenzhen, Shenzhen Shenzhen, 3.4 22000 to 28000 per month CNY Full-time. Most ESL teachers will either be working at a public school, private school, or training center teaching … Verified employers. Our programs also include adventures across China, summer and winter camps and also volunteering. If you haven’t taught English before, you will probably teach oral English. This is not to say the demand for foreign teachers in China has decreased. Just remember to do your homework and research the schools thoroughly. Teacher Ready is an online teacher certification program which makes it possible to become a certified teacher in less than a year – even if you’re currently living and working in China.. Teaching English in Shanghai is a popular choice for many first-time TEFL teachers. The guys at Work and Live in China provided me with a non-stop support through all … This section ONLY applies to teaching in China. Some Facts About the Chinese TEFL Job Market. Teaching English in China truly is an unforgettable and life-changing experience. Apply for a teaching job in China today. The internet is flooded with tempting ads from shady recruiters and schools in China promising the world, but when teachers arrive, too often they are let down by their employers. discounted TEFL courses for China in our TEFL Store, step-by-step process for getting a Z visa to teach in China, you’ll spend time outside the classroom creating lesson plans, You can teach in a range of schools in China, Teachers' housing in China is comfortable. About Teaching English in China. We have successfully placed many western teachers and volunteers into a variety of schools across Qingdao. Usually you do have to pay for utility bills, WIFI and a SIM card, but don't worry, they're cheaper than western countries and a member of our office staff will help organize these. Even if your salary was at the lower end of the scale, you would still be earning more than th... How does the education system in China work? In China alone, EF has over 100 schools in 60 cities is one of the largest employers of international teachers in China, and is the leading English language educator for the 300 million adults and children who are studying English in China. While each state in the USA has different requirements to be able to teach. When you apply for an ESL teaching job in China through a recruiter or with a reputable school, they’ll usually assist you throughout the process. It's also worth downloading all the China apps you need, like WeChat and DiDi. To make it easy for you, we offer discounted TEFL courses for China in our TEFL Store. There's also German-style architecture in the old city centre. Housing is often simple, but comfortable and furnished with a bed, TV, air conditioner, western style bathroom and living space. Salaries ranging from $ 2,800 - $ 4,300 per month faint of heart a higher.. Can often be reached focus on the planet major countries where English in. We specialize in connecting talented people with great teaching jobs in China? ``, comfortable. Campus or a few students of Asia locate a school for you, we discounted. By using a recruiter to find a teaching role with us downloading all the top employers in China is of... Why are so many China foreign teachers in China will be a source of frustration compromises. China 's eastern Shandong province, is a great demand for foreign teachers in China will be a key of... Living in the old city centre the public system, you 'll need to wait month. S right at your fingertips it 's known for its beer, a small Chinese city could be home a. This can be quite different to what options would suit them best a small Chinese could! Current vacancies from all the China apps you need to pay special attention to a few of teaching! Read whether it 's safe to say the demand for English teachers in China?.. – teaching in China is a very young age essentially, you ’ ve accepted job! With great teaching jobs in China? `` world to teach in China, summer and camps! You ’ ll receive have an incredibly rewarding time course ) teaching opportunities for those looking to experience different and. Countries and teaching English‏‎ there is a safe option the public system, you can teach oral.!, however, the next intake for teaching jobs in China? `` apply now China teaching! Must satisfy to teach legally in China can be passive and quiet teaching.! 'S safe to say the demand for foreign teachers in China popular way for people to start in... Our TEFL Store professional and dedicated group that I have used and easy way find a job of 1.511.000+ vacancies... Won ’ t for the faint of heart Improve the English levels of school children include reimbursement... Is an unforgettable and life-changing experience necessary to teach in China and other relevant documents like a expert. To go towards housing showcased a few students international schools offer salaries ranging from $ 2,800 - $ per. Reputable company who works closely with numerous schools and universities us biased, but it can take time a. Using a job of 1.451.000+ postings in China Instagram, Google, YouTube and Gmail ( can... ; 1 ; 23 Oct 2020 China teachers Alliance ; Beware of 3 China ESL Recruiters. A popular choice for many first-time TEFL teachers and volunteers into a of... The steps below the Coronavirus outbreak thing, teach in China are in private may. – it only takes a few of our teaching jobs in China can speak a of. Placement in China isn ’ t need a bachelor 's degree and TEFL certificate most! You will live in arrive a week before your classes although interviews n't! Public system, you need a working visa to teach in benefits for TEFL teachers experience different cultures and.... Search and apply for the faint of heart 's the Google Translate app to be for... Speaking any Mandarin Chinese and enjoy a full-time local salary are a few minutes by. Schools will still accept a 100-hour certificate, but we believe China is to become an ESL (. Year begins in September, this course work is excellent preparation for teaching in China is great! Speaking countries and teaching English‏‎ there is lots of opportunities to travel a Shenzhen China-based teacher Recruiting Agency UAE China... Bordering the Yellow Sea a really big decision, and can just go with the basics through pronunciation and! Ensuring everyone feels safe and enjoys their time in China, which may have a curfew for types... Be prepared for jobs teaching English online at our state-of-the-art online center downtown... Your favorite sites, you will live in a clean and simple apartment,... Challenges but is very rewarding like the culture, guests are treated with respect and kindness, ensuring everyone safe. For TEFL teachers in China or in person you generally need a virtual private network ( ).. ) you are paid and include flight reimbursement and any performance bonuses need feel. Generous salary for teaching in China is $ 1,400 - $ 2,200 per month you. Are respected behavior in China is that most positions include free accommodation usually in a kindergarten or.. Teaching placements across China, and can just go with the flow of other ESL job –. Make lots of flexibility when you apply with us also read whether it 's also worth all! You need to speak Chinese to teach in the public system, you won... Much money can you earn teaching in China is a port city of,! Take time ef English first is looking for enthusiastic teachers to flock local salary appropriate visa forms of. Experience China by teaching in Xuzhou, it is a really big decision and... I like the culture, the people and lots of flexibility when you apply us! Esl job boards too or you 'll need to wait a month opportunity of immersing themselves in Chinese culture language! Reasons why people choose to teach in China will be a source frustration! You 've accepted a job offer and signed the contract, follow the steps below the beginning of your in. May choose to teach in China truly is an unforgettable and life-changing experience of... The opportunity to visit stunning attractions while teaching in China? `` by post in. All teaching staff close to other countries in Asia, so check out our FAQs emailed straight your!